Our Services

In collaboration with academic and research institutions, we’re pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration, fostering groundbreaking research and development across various fields.

3D – Printing as a service

We offer customised printing solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring precision and quality in every print.

Industrial-Scale Printers

Our state-of-the-art industrial printers are designed for high-volume production, delivering unmatched speed and accuracy.

Modeling and Simulation

Utilising Unreal Engine 5, we create immersive 3D environments for precise simulations, enhancing design and testing processes.

Industries we serve

Our bespoke solutions are tailored to meet unique project requirements. With a team of seasoned experts, we guarantee successful outcomes and advanced technological solutions.

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Our microfluidic device fabrication enables advancements in drug discovery, diagnostics, and personalised medicine.

Healthcare & Medical Devices

We produce intricate components for medical devices, improving patient care and treatment outcomes.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Our technology is crucial for the production of semiconductor connectors and interconnectors, driving innovation in electronics.

Aerospace & Defense

We support the development of high-precision components for aerospace and defense applications, ensuring reliability and performance.


Our solutions contribute to the manufacturing of advanced automotive systems, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Research & Development

We collaborate with academic and research institutions to push the boundaries of scientific exploration.