Old World Labs

From the age of 12, Nick Liverman discovered a fervor for robotics. His journey began with the creation of his first virtual robot, scripted within the digital world of Ultima Online. This rudimentary automaton, programmed to mine ore and craft items. An early understanding of cartesian robotics led to internships at NASA and an early introduction to 3D printing.

A decade ago, as consumer 3D printing started gaining traction, Nick was captivated by the prospect of democratizing 3D design. He invested in one of the pioneering 3D printer kits available to consumers, only to be disheartened by its lackluster resolution and accuracy. Despite months of relentless tweaking, the machine fell short of his expectations. Leveraging his substantial expertise in robotics and fabrication, Nick founded Old World Labs. His goal was clear: to create a 3D printer of uncompromising precision and accuracy, capable of satisfying the toughest industrial standards.

Key Milestones

OWL Founded


Patents Submitted


Launch ultra precision 3D printer

Patent pending



MC Printer Line Unveiled


Patent granted


Publication on High Volume Manufacturing Technology: SPIE Advanced Lithography

Department of Veterans Affairs Contract

Recognition by National Institute of Standards & Technology

Begin mass production of clear aligners for the dental industry


Fully automated manufacturing line

Partnership Clear Forward

Contract with VersAbility for mass production in ISO Certified clean room


Digital Twins Experiments

We are developing prototype worlds using advanced NVIDIA Omniverse, Unreal Engine 5, and artificial intelligence.

We are the frontier of bridging the physical world and the digital world.


Abyss Online

We have integrated many cutting edge research projects into a medium of entertainment: www.abyssonline.com